Broken Down


Our youth group was on our way to help people in Kansas City. This was my second year taking this mission trip. We had been on the bus for 12 hours, with no air conditioning. All we had was the hot sticky wind sweeping through the Missouri sky. “Only a few more hours until we get there” our leader, Dan, had said. You could see his glowing complexion; the heat was hardly bearable. We all had our own ice laying on the back of our necks, trying hard not to let our skin come in contact with anyone else’s, or the sticky seat we sat upon. Wishing that we were there already. Something in the air smelled funny, the smell of syrup. It came to our attention that there was something wrong with our radiator. The bus starts to slow down and we come to a grinding halt on the side of the expressway. You could feel the heat seeping in through the windows. We decided to get off the bus and sit under a shady over pass while waiting for help. The breeze outside was a lot more comforting. As we all sat there, a student, Nate, played his guitar in hopes to cheer everyone up through this awful journey. We sat there for a half hour or so, until we realized, we were sitting on a home for ticks. Everyone jolted up at once trying to shake off these disgusting bugs. We stood in a line on the side of the expressway, picking bugs off of each other like you would see monkeys doing at a zoo. Finally, the repair man came and patched the leaking hose. Once again we were back on the road, with the heat blowing through our hair, and sweat dripping down our backs.


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