Homeless with Hope


Shifting through the s-curves that strolled through Kansas City, my stomach aching from the heat and exhaustion. The bus was shaking back and forth and our bodies were shifting side to side,  I felt as if i was going to be sick. It was coming down to the end of the day and we had one stop left to make before heading back to base. The sun was sitting low in the west and the air grew colder everyone had rested their heads on the side of the bus to rest their eyes. Mission trips were not vacations, they were not meant for sleeping or relaxing. When we go to the woman’s shelter the sky was turning blue from the sun fading. We walked inside the building and it reeked of mildew. We walked through a hallway which had beautiful stairs on the left side that curved up and over our heads. We walked toward the end of the hallway leading us into this room with 4 tables and a stage toward the front of the room. Everyone took a seat, relieved that we didn’t have to do any hard work yet. We looked around the room and 6 women filed in, it was dinner time. They shuffled into the open seats near us. Then a man walked out on stage. He gave his testimony, and we worshiped shortly after, and when it was all done they had half of our team go into the kitchen and the other half got to stay out in the dining area to befriend these women who seemed so lost. Me an my friends, David and Alysia, walked up to an old woman. We sat down next to her and attempted to get to know her. “whats your name?” I asked. “Im not quite sure.” she said looking puzzled, she went on to ask “whats your name?” I told her my name was Meagan. “Well today my name is Meagan to!” she had said with joy. I felt sad, how someone who had so little, didn’t even remember her name. David went on to ask about her family. She said she had 3 children somewhere out there, but she was not sure where, she said the memory of them was very faint. It was heart breaking to see this woman so lost and confused. After we had talked for a little while longer the women were sent to their rooms and we had to pick up and leave. After a long day it was nice to know that we to would soon be sleeping. David showed us a cross necklace the woman gave to him, and she said she thought how much he looked like her son. We went to bed that night with a heavy heart for the woman.


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